Ito ay dumpsite ng mga komix, graphic memoirs, at anumang proyektong may kinalaman sa sining biswal. Welcome ang lahat ng komento't kritisismo.
This is a literary and visual dumpsite of comics, graphic memoirs, and any other visual projects. All comments and criticisms are welcome.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Designs and illustrations for flash:

1. Hyper Kuwento: MA thesis ni Vladimeir Gonzales; gawa ang illustrations sa Adobe Illustrator at Photoshop. Vector galore. At oo, litrato yan ng mesa ko. 2009.

**Yes, this is the working embedded page. Hover to navigate. Oh, and this is configured for a 1440x900 px screen. If you're not seeing the embedded page clearly, click here.

Error: Embedded data could not be displayed.

2. Dahil may childhood obsession ako sa Holocaust. Illustrated sa Adobe Photoshop (sequential saving). Maraming tenkyu kay Ivan Reverente, na nadaan ko sa pag-iyak ang pagtulong (i.e. 90%) sa coding. 2008.

**The file size is a bit large, and therefore only plays correctly if buffered for a few minutes before clicking enter (if the intro animation that leads to the menu plays, then it has fully loaded. Otherwise, there'd be kooky links, and the intro animation would be skipped and instead would go straight to the 'Victims' page.)

Excuse the loading time. And the fact that I forgot to include a back-to-splash-page button. bow.